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Testimonials (Case 1 of 2)

The following individuals emailed us the folloing testimonials after following the online instructions on how to Treat Your Own Back using the basic McKenzie techniques --

Case #1 --- low back pain

I have been faithfully doing the lower back exercises every 1 to 2 hours. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow.

I had a slightly bulging disc according to an MRI in my lower back.

I continue to do the exercises because I have improved every day.

I am not yet completely without pain but close.


I had been to physical therapy, chiropractors, with little relief.

I love that it put me in charge of treating my own back and felt better immediately.

It gave me hope that I would be able to play golf again and hope to do so in 2 weeks in Scotland.

I have recommended it to 3 others who tried it on-line and have all had great results.

Thanks again,

Scott E.



Deerfield Beach, FL


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