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A physical therapist speaks about McKenzie techniques

"Much of the treatment that physical therapists provide for back or neck pain -- hot and cold packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage, etc, has no proven therapeutic benefit. Such treatment does little more than keep a patient occupied while their body's natural healing process resolves the patient's pain over time.

"Some therapists have patients do stretching and strengthening exercises, ride a stationary bicycle, or walk on a treadmill as part of their treatment for back pain. But let's be honest. Why can't patients do these things at home on their own, and what does that have to do with treating back and neck pain anyway?

"Thousands of physical therapists around the world have turned their back on all of that, and now teach their patients McKenzie techniques.

"The basic McKenzie techniques which are explained and illustrated here at TreatYourOwnBack.com are the same techniques that providers trained by the McKenzie Institute® teach patients in their clinics.

"Give the basic McKenzie techniques a try. If you have difficulty trying these techniques on your own, go to the website of the McKenzie Institute® and locate a credentialed McKenzie provider near you for evaluation and assistance."

Patrick McKeethen, PT

Credentialed MDT

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