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Access to instructions on how to perform the basic McKenzie techniques is by subscription (see below).

For a peek at the instruction pages click on Low Back Techniques or Neck Techniques.

Most people with back or neck pain will benefit from the simple techniques explained on this website. Some people will not benefit, or may even temporarily feel worse.

Do NOT attempt these techniques unless you can tolerate your pain increasing somewhat. If your symptoms consistently increase when you attempt the various techniques and they do not subside after two days, then discontinue these techniques and seek the advice of a health professional.

If any of the following situations apply to you, consult your health professional BEFORE attempting these techniques:

  1. If you have severe pain in the leg BELOW the knee or severe pain in the arm BELOW the elbow, with weakness, numbness or pins and needles in the foot/toes or hand/fingers.

  2. If you developed low back or neck pain following a recent severe accident – a motor vehicle or other accident.

  3. If after a recent severe episode of low back pain, you have developed bowel or bladder problems – i.e. cannot go to the bathroom, or have lost control of bowel or bladder (this is not common, but if this is you, go to an emergency room!)

  4. If you are feeling generally unwell along with this attack of back or neck pain.


What Your Subscription Provides to You

A subscription to TreatYourOwnBack.com provides you 60 days of access to detailed instructions including photographs, slide shows, and video clips explaining and illustrating how to perform various McKenzie techniques. See sample slide show and video clip.

When you purchase a subscription to TreatYourOwnBack.com, a unique username and password will be emailed to you to gain access to the instructional side of the website that has photographs, slide shows, and video clips showing how to perform McKenzie techniques for the low back and neck.


Website Requirements

The TreatYourOwnBack.com website is easy to use, and is based on standard HTML pages. It also utilizes the Adobe Flash Player and the Adobe Reader; both are free browser add-ons that most PCs already have installed.

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