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Low Back Techniques
Step 1: Anticipated Response
Step 2: Good Posture
Step 3: Begin Techniques
Step 4: Maintain Improvement
Step 5: Final Techniques
Step 6: Feedback

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Neck Techniques
Now it is time to get rid of your NECK pain!
Step 1
Read "Anticipated Response to NECK techniques" to learn how pain responds to these techniques (MUST read).
Step 2

Start using Good Posture

Immediately after performing the basic McKenzie techniques in Step 3 below, you must start using a lumbar roll and use good posture to maintain your improvement. So read this section about good posture before you start (MUST read).

Step 3

Begin the basic McKenzie techniques

 Repeated Movement #1   Neck RETRACTION Sitting

Alternative    Neck RETRACTION Lying

 Repeated Movement #2   Neck EXTENSION Sitting

Alternative    Neck EXTENSION Lying

         If necessary try:    

Repeated Movement #3     Neck SIDEBENDING

Repeated Movement #4     Neck ROTATION

Step 4
Maintain the Improvement! 
Step 5
Final technique to perform - Repeated Movement #5 Neck FLEXION
Step 6 
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