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An accidental discovery by Robin McKenzie, a New Zealand physical therapist, led to the development of the now well-known McKenzie techniques -- a series of self-treatment techniques that makes most back and neck pain simple to treat on your own. Here's what happened:

Accidental DiscoveryOne day a patient with pain in the low back and right leg that McKenzie had been treating unsuccessfully for three weeks came into his clinic. For some reason that day the patient laid face down on a treatment table with the top half of the table raised -- arching his low back!

A few minutes later McKenzie came into the room, surprised to see the patient lying in this unusual position. He was even more surprised to hear that the patient's leg pain and most of his low back pain had gone away during the past few minutes by merely lying in this position!

The patient got off the table and his leg pain did not return. The next day McKenzie had the patient lie face down in that same position, and within a few minutes the rest of his low back pain went away!

Guess what most people can do to make their low back start feeling better. It is that simple. But there is more to it than that, so keep reading.

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